Shooting While Planning Travel Adventures in a Salt Lake City Air BnB

Both Karly and I have a dream to check out every little corner of the world, or at least try to whether it is together or not. Inspired by different cultures and traditions, we hope that one day we can say that we had our dream come true and did not just stick around in California.

Karly revealed her travel journal to me, which was mostly blank, but she hopes that one day it is filled with a variety of amazing stories throughout the world as she wants to learn more about people and help out animals outside of the United States.

Me on the other hand, I I have always told myself that “The world is just TOO BIG not to be EXPLORED!” From culture and tradition, as mentioned before, to food, stories, history, etc. and much more. I want to see and capture as much of it as I possibly can. My goal for next year, 2019, is to photograph one elopement outside of California. I do not photographing it in another state, but I REALLY hope that one elopement is in a different country.

For now, here are some photographs to show us multitasking as we were discussing where we would like to travel to and got some shots in as well.