Up in the Air (COMING SOON)

"Up in the Air" is upcoming book by Parm and friends which focuses on sharing powerful stories to spread awareness and inspire others. It involves Parm and the people in the stories traveling back to locations in which their stories take place. While are these locations the people relive the memories while Parm captures the moments!


A Little Background Story

True powerful and inspiring stories have always intrigued Parm. When did it all begin though?

When Parm was in high school, every student was required to read everyday for the first 15 minutes of their 3rd period class. This was called S.S.R (Sustained Silent Reading).

The school did not offer many books that were interested Parm. Some books that he recalls being displayed on the library bookshelves were Harry Potter books and The Adventures of Captain Underpants. These did not interest him. He wanted to stumble upon something that was real. 


During his time in high school Parm was fascinated by movies that were based off true stories or events such as The Pursuit of Happiness. He was drawn to these genuine things because THEY ACTUALLY HAPPENED. To know that some these things were authentic as they could be is what made him feel a certain type of way. He wanted all of this when it came to books, so he asked around for books based off of real events and stumbled upon Gary Paulsen's Hatchet (Parm's favorite book of all time) and Dave Pelzer's autobiographies.