01. How do we book?

All you need is a 50% retainer fee and a signed contact. Contact me to receive details and a free consultation.

02. How long until we receive our photographs?

Depends on what kind of shoot. Small photo sessions typically take 4-6 weeks. Bigger events such as weddings take a couple of months.

03. How do we receive our photographs?

Photographs will be sent digitally with a download link.


Cash, check, or Venmo.

05. How do we keep in touch?

The best way is by email.

06. Do you shoot digital or film?

Both! Digital is for professional use. Film is for personal use only, however, I may ask you if I could get a few shots in.

07. How far in advance will you book?

12 months.

08. Do you travel for any kind of shoot?

Yes! Photographing people in new and interesting places is something I strive for!

Anything within 50 miles of my hometown of Livingston, CA is included.

Travel within California: $1 a mile one way past the first 50 miles. If we’re headed somewhere more than 3 hours away, a request for a one or two night’s stay in a hotel.

Travel outside of California: Accommodations for flights and - possibly - a second shooter, at least two night’s stay in an airbnb/hotel, and the cost of a rental car will be asked to be purchased by the client. Visit the travel page for more information.

09. What is an “Unplugged Wedding?”

To avoid any disruptions, the bride and groom may kindly ask that all guests store away their devices and cameras so that they enjoy the wedding. At least for the ceremony. This also allows the photographer to have more breathing room without any distractions and interruptions while taking photographs.

10. What is a “Day after? Session?“

A “Day After” session does necessarily mean photographing the bride and groom the day after they get married. It can mean photographing them a day, a week, or months after as well. These exist so that the bride and groom can enjoy their wedding day with their guests and focus on getting their newly wed bride and groom photographs taken later on. This is becoming ever so popular and gives the bride and groom to consult with the photographer of a location they’d like to take photographs.

11. Discounts?

$50 discount for local photo sessions in Merced and Stanislaus County excluding elopements, weddings, and engagements.

$100 off of an engagement session if a wedding or elopement is booked.

Traveling discounts available outside of California for destination portrait sessions, engagement sessions, elopements, and weddings. Get in touch for more details.

12. How would you describe your style?

I am a natural light photographer and my stylistic approach would be described as adventurous and genuine that hits you right in “the feels.”

13. Best time to shoot?

The best time to shoot is during the golden hour which is around sunrise or sunset as these are the times of day where the light is the most soft and not harsh.